You Are Stuck - Story (Part 1)

Here’s part one of the story behind our single You Are Stuck which will be released on 1 May on all major digital platforms as told by Ollie. 

“Back in 2018 we were playing at the Chaos Festival (Guernsey) and usually before & after gigs, I like to chill quietly. After playing our set, I went in search of a place to chill. On the way (to wherever I was going), I came across a sign which said “The fog will lift”. It immediately resonated with me; I thought what a great message and a really nice positive thing to put out there. Later I found out it was put there by Sian Jones/Notes To Islanders. 

Fast forward to last Summer, when I was writing songs, I came up with a chord sequence which I played around with, reversed and then simplified. I sang some randoms words “You are stuck” to the melody (always intended to change them) and in that moment, I went back to that sign. It then made me think about times we all get stuck in a rut and the need to look up and be positive. 

The sign references fog and I thought about how the weather or nature could be used as a metaphor for when things go against you. Hence the first line starts “When the fog comes round” and the rest goes on to list other examples. 

I imagined being on L’ancresse beach when writing that verse. As with most songs I write, I try to keep the choruses simple and if possible with a message...and so the positive line “look up” was inserted. 

The next verse takes the first verse further forward and uses how you might feel when everything is going against you.” 

Notes to Islanders 
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