The Fighting Cocks - Coastal Fire Dept "Gig"

After a rousing debut a few months ago, the plan was to come back and play in London again a little later in the year, but we will be heading back to London to headline a gig at the Fight…

Coastal Fire Dept. - "What Do I" Kerrang Radio

Tonight on Kerrang Radio!!! 

The flipping awesome Johnny Doom is playing ‘What Do I’ on his show tonight on Kerrang! Radio! 

A massive thank you to Johnny for the continued support and plays! We didn’t see that coming and look…

Maximum Volume - Band of the Day "Coastal Fire Dept"

‘Band Of The Day’ - Maximum Volume 

“crushing and melody drenched guitar work with super hooky refrains”…that’s how Maximum Volume music described our music and who are we to argue! 

A massive thanks to Maximum Volume for the kind words…

Coastal Fire Dept. - "What Do I" Kerrang Radio (Airplay)

Kerrang Radio!!! 

We are super chuffed to let you guys know that the one and only Johnny Doom will be playing ‘What Do I’ on his awesome ‘Radio Unleashed Show’ tomorrow night on Kerrang Radio 

Johnny plays the best in…

Vents Magazine - Interview with Coastal Fire Dept.

Hey! We were inteviewed by Vents Magazine recently and talked about our upcoming ep ‘What Do I’, the recording process and we managed to squeeze in that there are some really cool bands in Guernsey that need to be listened…

New Single - "Gun" Review by Broken8Records

Broken 8 Records describe our latest single ‘Gun’ as our most explosive to date! Don’t think they are too far wrong!!! 

Thanks guys! 

Check out the link below to read the review


Gun - New Single - Release date 25/06/21

A lot of what we do can’t happen without working together with others and/or collaborating. In fact we love collaborating especially if it contributes towards a big end product! 

In terms of drumming you do not get much bigger than…

Coastal Fire Dept. - Kerrang Radio! Coco

Kerrang! Radio, tonight Johnny Doom is playing ‘Coco’ from our ‘Radio’ EP which is released tomorrow on all major digital platforms. The show starts at 10pm listen in! 

A massive thank you to Johnny and Kerrang Radio for their continued…