You Are Stuck - Story (Part 1)

Here’s part one of the story behind our single You Are Stuck which will be released on 1 May on all major digital platforms as told by Ollie. 

“Back in 2018 we were playing at the Chaos Festival (Guernsey) and…

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Control (Free Download via Bandcamp)

Who doesn’t like something for free? 

We live in unprecedented times and we recognise that life is tough for a lot of people. Happier times are ahead but might be a little way off for most. 

The main reason for…

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L’islet Records - Interview

Last week we sat down (over the phone) with Coastal Fire Dept. about their forthcoming single You Are Stuck. 

The big news is Ken Andrews mixed your single, how did that come about? 
Ollie “Well you asked us how we…

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For our mini-album we were so happy to work with USA based photographer/artist and all round supercool Lauren who appeared on the album cover. We’re gonna do an article about her soon but you may have noticed we’ve looked closer…

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Alt Rock Radio Canada

It’s always nice to hear from people outside of Guernsey who are picking up our music! It was great to hear from @altrockradio in Canada who will be playing one of our songs on their Thursday night show tomorrow! 


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You Are Stuck - Release Update


We had planned to release ‘You Are Stuck (Ken Andrews mix)’ together with an accompanying music vid but the current lockdown means we can’t finish the video. 

We live in extraordinary times at the moment. It’s important to try…

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Musical Influences

Reading some comments online about our mini-album Control (free to listen to on Spotify!) made me think about the musical influences for Coastal Fire Dept.. 

The first band the writer mentioned was the @pixiesofficial and that band is/was one of…

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You Are Stuck

Following on from last years debut mini-album Control, Guernsey’s Coastal Fire Dept. release their first official single ‘You Are Stuck’ on 1 May together with an accompanying music video (*current situation allowing). 

Recorded at Apocalypse Studios, Guernsey with Mikey Ferbrache…

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Band update/You Are Stuck Single

Our music is heavily influenced by grunge with a liberal sprinkling of other musical influences including alt-rock, shoegaze and pop. Our first official single You Are Stuck was recorded in Guernsey and mixed in Los Angeles and we are gearing…

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You Are Stuck - Video Update

The star of our music video for “You Are Stuck” caught wishing there’ll be lots of people tuning in to watch the video on 1 May (release day). 

Let’s make her wishes come true. We need more followers/like on our…

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Single Launch - Gig Update


Our gig on 2 May (also our single release party) is going ahead in one format or another. If we are able to play live at The Vault Guernsey we will, if the current situation persists we fully…

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Recording Update 2

Yesterday was guitar day and virtually all the heavy guitar work was done by Bob & Ollie and we also had Mikey (our fifth member) in on the act! 

We’ve broken the back of our second album but still a…

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