What Do I - "EP"

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The Fighting Cocks - Coastal Fire Dept "Gig" 

After a rousing debut a few months ago, the plan was to come back and play in London again a little later in the year, but we will be heading back to London to headline a gig at the Fight Cocks on the 26th Feb 21. 

Gig Line Up.

- Coastal Fire Dept.

- The 96 Allstars

- Kimbow Raider 

- Clay Soliders

The plan is still to come back later in the year…but we couldn’t turn this one down!!!

Coastal Fire Dept. - "What Do I" Kerrang Radio 

Tonight on Kerrang Radio!!! 

The flipping awesome Johnny Doom is playing ‘What Do I’ on his show tonight on Kerrang! Radio! 

A massive thank you to Johnny for the continued support and plays! We didn’t see that coming and look forward to seeing you in Guernsey sometime soon! 

Another massive thank you goes to Emma Scott and Pluggin' Baby for the support, advice and continuing to knock down doors for us…this summer was all planned but we didn’t expect the level of interest to be so high! 

Listen in to Johnny…

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Coastal Fire Dept - "Smells Like Stream Spirit" Spotify Editorial Playlist Add 

‘October has kicked off already’ 

We daydreamed about getting chosen by Spotify for their curated ‘Smells Like Stream Spirit’ playlist but never thought it would happen! 

Today we got notified that spotify curators had chosen ‘What Do I’ for that playlist! We could not believe it! Crazy! 

On that playlist are bands we look up to and have been influenced by like Teenage Wrist Milk Teeth DZ Deathrays & Narrow Head. 

Also on it are a few bands we know too like Dude Safari Honeycub & Just A Ride! 

Our month has…

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