Formed in 2013 in the Vale, Guernsey, Coastal Fire Dept. serves as a throwback to the heady days of 90s alt rock & grunge guitar bands with a modern twist and other influences thrown in from time to time.

CFD is all about big driving melodic guitars with catchy choruses that stick in your head. The band features guitarist and vocalist Ollie Goddard, guitarist and vocalist Bobby Battle, bassist Saad Frihmat and drummer Ozzy Austin.

In 2019, they released their debut mini-album ‘Control’ on L’islet Records. In 2020, they worked with Ken Andrews (Failure, Stone Temple Pilots, Chris Cornell & more) who mixed their standout single ‘You Are Stuck’ which saw the band balance alt rock & grunge with power pop and shoegaze influences. They followed this with their two minute Nirvana & Pixies influenced grunge song ‘I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand’ to much acclaim.

In late 2020/early 2021 they released the ‘Radio’ ep and their first fully fledged album ‘Connected’. Never ones to stand still and always keen to evolve their sound, in 2021 the band started to move towards a slightly harder guitar driven vibe. During lockdown interruptions the band recorded three singles with Kellii Scott (Failure, QOTSA, Veruca Salt & more) on drums. ‘Gun’, ‘Loner’ and ‘What Do I’ were released in the Summer of 2021.

All three singles took on different grunge influences from heavy to classic to post grunge. The singles lead to much more radio play and press coverage plus saw the band pick up more fans. Laid back chilled out acoustic versions of all three singles were also released. Often compared to Nirvana & Pixies, the band is unashamedly influenced by those iconic bands but also is influenced by later bands such as Violent Soho, Superheaven, Balance & Composure and Title Fight.


Coastal Fire Dept.

Band Members

Ollie - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

I have always loved music and when I was much younger always seemed to be in that little minority of kids listening to alternative music. I remember I was about nine hassling my mum to buy me The Clash’s album ‘London Calling’ (she didn’t approve!).

Being a keen music lover I graduated towards learning guitar and quite quickly was only interested in writing original music influenced by the genres that interested me mainly grunge, alt rock, indie & shoegaze. I drifted away from music for some time and came back to it in 2013 when I formed CFD with Bob.

My songwriting is heavily influenced by observations, feelings, emotions and stories already told (film, tv, real stories etc). Although our songs can be interpreted as being angry or aggressive they are not…they can be loud in places and deliberately written to punch hard at times!

My main musical influences are Nirvana, Pixies, Violent Soho, Suoerheaven, Balance and Compsure.

Saad - Bass

I started playing the bass when I was 14 years old. In 2011 upon returning from traveling around Asia/USA, a friend wanted to start an Alternative Rock/Metal band and needed someone to play Bass, so we formed Stone Em All. 

Unfortunately, Stone Em All broke up after a few years when my friend relocated to the USA, although we did manage to play lots of gigs and festivals, record a mini EP and had fun playing.

I then joined a new band after Stone Em All, as my work colleague Ollie needed a bass player for his band Coastal Fire Dept. and the current project commenced.

The music i was exposed to in my household when young was very diverse ranging from Bob Marley, Queen, The Doors and Deep Purple.

Ozzy - Drums