Recording Update 2

Yesterday was guitar day and virtually all the heavy guitar work was done by Bob & Ollie and we also had Mikey (our fifth member) in on the act! 

We’ve broken the back of our second album but still a lot more to do like clean guitars (yes we do have quiet moments in songs!), vocals, late additions and also an all acoustic song. 

Yesterday we used quite a lot of equipment:- 
A tele jr (built by Grizzly Guitars) 
Fender road worn tele 
Fender duo sonic 
Fender Custom Shop 1964 Jazzmaster 
Fender Mustang bass 
Gibson 335 Chris Cornell 

Noise was provided by:- 
MXR Distortion Plus 
EHX Green Muff 
Boss DS-1 (Keeley Modded) 
Wren & Cuff Caprid 

This album is gonna be squarely in the grungy space...true Grunge From The Vale style. 
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