You Are Stuck - Story (Part 2)

You Are Stuck story continued.

Here’s part two of the story behind our single You Are Stuck which will be released on 1 May on all major digital platforms as told by Ollie. 

“The song itself is rather quiet and simple in the verses almost stark like the lyrical content but hits hard in the choruses. The bridge is in the same vein as the choruses with the aim to push the song hard into the outro. 

Musically, it was important for the song to have an uplifting ending and I didn’t want any words there...just music. For me, big descending chords give that sort of feeling and so the outro is based on that with sonic additions to build it up to the end. I lost track how many guitar tracks we recorded in that outro...may be we should have done more! 

The outro and the ending was very much influenced by a well known shoegaze band with a nod to one of their songs in particular. When rehearsing it we had a very good idea how we wanted this part to go. In fact, the first time we rehearsed it back in September last year Bob & I knew immediately where the outro needed to go! 

When we got to the studio, I had seen that band live the weekend before and had the final part of the outro in mind and sang/explained it to Mikey (Ferbrache). I’m not going to give it away but he actually took that idea forward far better than I imagined or heard in my head! We can never play it live but we might be able to tip a hat to it in some way! 

Turning to the cover for the single, there was only one place that could be taken! For some reason, when thinking about the song I had the Antony Gormley figures that were in Guernsey for a while in my head. They stood there in silence staring out to wherever they were focusing. And so, the idea for the single cover was born. We got Lyanne involved and I think we captured it just right.”