For our mini-album we were so happy to work with USA based photographer/artist and all round supercool Lauren who appeared on the album cover. We’re gonna do an article about her soon but you may have noticed we’ve looked closer to home for our arty collaborations recently. 

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been working with Lyanne Keeling (Ly Keeling Art) who has appeared on the cover for our single You Are Stuck (to be released 1 May), did the artwork for our YouTube release of song Icarus and is set to appear in our video for You Are Stuck. 

We’ve enjoyed working with Lyanne so much we asked her to do something a little different for our first full album Connected (due for release this Summer). 

Lyanne will be doing a piece of artwork for every song on that album. We don’t know why we came up with this idea but we did and we are super excited about it. 

Next week we’ll release the artwork for You Are Stuck. And release others as we go. 

We’re also working on a few other projects with Lyanne and they’ll see the light of day in due course. 

We are always keen to work with arty types and will continue to do that. This time it’s been super fun to be working with someone local. Go and check her and her artwork out. 

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