Gun - New Single - Release date 25/06/21

A lot of what we do can’t happen without working together with others and/or collaborating. In fact we love collaborating especially if it contributes towards a big end product! 

In terms of drumming you do not get much bigger than Kellii Scott of inspirational & influential alt rock legends Failure. He’s also been credited with drumming on songs by @queensofthestoneage, @aperfectcircle, @verucasaltband and plenty plenty more. 

We have been a fan his and his powerhouse drumming for some time. We were so happy that he agreed to drum on our next three singles. 

We waited anxiously to get the tracks back from Kellii and were immediately blown away! We cannot wait to share the first of those singles ‘Gun’ on 25.6. 

A massive shoutout and a huge thank you to Kellii for helping us out! Best wishes from us here in Guernsey!